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The ADT Pulse is just one of many home automation innovations we've seen at CES 2014

The Pulse is ADT's new, premiere home security package that includes voice commands, remote controls, and a touchscreen control panel.
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Belkin's Maker Kit

Intended for more serious home automation DIYers, the Maker Kit module can be used to remotely power any gadget that you can control with a DC switch. Pricing and release information due later in 2014.
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Lowe's Iris Expansion Kit

In the Spring of 2014, Lowe's will expand its Iris line to include leak-detecting smart shut-off valves, smart lawn sprinkler control, and a voice command interface.
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Canary Smart Home Security

The Canary system features motion detection, temperature and humidity sensors, and both an integrated microphone and speaker. Using an app, you can monitor the entire system with ease. The system starts shipping in May.
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Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor

The $229 Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor communicates via a WiFi hub that you'll place near your router. It's the first outdoor cameras we've seen in DIY home automation. The camera streams video to the Samsung smart cam app (for iOS and Android) and will be available in March of 2014.
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Samsung SmartCam HD

You can place the $179 SmartCam HD on a flat surface indoors or mounted on a wall. It has a 16 foot range and streams video to the Samsung smart cam app, which is available for both iOS and Android. The Samsung SmartCam HD will be available in March of 2014.
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SmartThings Lab

SmartThings has added the Labs component to their existing app. This enables you to easily integrate popular third party devices, such as Sonos or Hue, into your system.
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