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This GE range is an electric, freestanding model. Its oven has 5.3 cubic feet of space, and there are five burners on the smooth cooktop.

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The pictures on the left show two racks of biscuits I baked on the oven's convection bake mode. The upper left picture shows biscuits baked on a higher rack than the biscuits pictured below it. The grids on the right show a color representation of the browning of each rack of biscuits. The top rack of biscuits were browner than the ones that baked on a lower rack.

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This photo shows the interior of hamburger patties I broiled in the oven and the average time it took the internal temperature of each patty to reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Burgers located on the right broiled faster than the other burgers, which shows that the right portion of the broiler element could be hotter than other areas.

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This chart shows how well the low-power burners of the GE range and other electric ranges hold the temperature of a can of tomato soup. After the soup heated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit on medium heat, I turned the temperature down to low and let the soup continue to cook for 20 minutes. As you can see from the chart, the temperature dropped on all of the ranges, including the GE.

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This range is equipped with GE's Chef Connect feature, which uses Bluetooth to sync the range with compatible GE over-the-range microwaves.

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When the Chef Connect feature is enabled on both the microwave and the range, the lights at the bottom of the microwave turn on automatically whenever you turn on a burner. And the exhaust fan also turns on.

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The control panel uses all touchpad controls, so there aren't any knobs to control the cooktop's burners.

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The burner controls use a semicircle of light to show you how much power is going to a burner. You adjust the heat with the plus and minus buttons.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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