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Google's first midsize tablet

At a demo of its Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system, Google showed off its newest gadgets.

In addition to the Nexus 6 smartphone, the Google Nexus 9 tablet made a cordial debut. It doesn't pack any high-end gimmicks -- like a fingerprint scanner or 3D camera -- but the 8.9-inch tablet manages to impress without them.

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Another sweet release

If the tablet looks familiar, but different, that's because you're taking a look at the new Android operating system. The Nexus 9 ships preloaded with Android 5.0 Lollipop and houses a powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU.

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Is it me or does it look like a piece of gum? You know the kind that comes out of the little foil packets? Anyways, the smooth back and rounded edges look chic and feel comfy according to our editor Lynn La.

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A lightweight slate

Weighing in at 425g (0.94 pound), the Nexus 9 is light, but it'll have to shave off a few grams in order to be the lightest tablet in the land.

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The middle child

Google has a 7-inch tablet as well as a large 10-incher, and it's completing the tablet trio with the Nexus 9.

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Slim and thin

Though Google quietly introduced the Nexus 9 tablet with little fanfare, the tablet houses some powerful specs and a thin design that will definitely give today's top tablets a run for their money.

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8.9-inch screen

Unlike for the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, Google rounds up the size of the Nexus 9's screen for its model name. Its 8.9-inch IPS LCD screen boasts a 1,536x2,048-pixel resolution and 281 pixels per inch.

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A bevy of bezels

The top and bottom bezels of the tablet are noticeably thicker than the ones on its sides. The Nexus 9 also rocks a 4:3 aspect ratio, a rare sight on a tablet.

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8-megapixel rear camera

On the rear, the slightly protruding 8-megapixel camera features an LED flash below it.

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Top left edge

Around the corner from the camera, you'll find the headphone jack for your listening pleasure.

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Google Nexus 9 pricing

The 16GB model of the tablet will cost $399, with the 32GB model starting at $479 and the LTE version of the 32GB model at a whopping $599.

International pricing has yet to be announced; however, Google confirmed that the tablet will become available in 29 countries over the coming weeks.

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Google Nexus 9 availibility

The 8.9-inch tablet is now available for preorder and will hit stores on November 3.

What do you think of Google's latest tablet? Does it look too similar to a certain fruitful competitor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET
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