4-inch WVGA display

BARCELONA, Spain--The Incredible S has a gorgeous 4-inch WVGA display that looks very HTC. The second camera lens sits in the top right corner while four touch controls (Back, Home, Menu and Search) are just below. In contrast to Gingerbread-powered Desire S and Wildfire S, the Incredible S runs Froyo.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Leap feature

With HTC's Leap feature you can see miniature versions of all seven home screens. To reach a screen, just press its image.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Icon-based design

As you'd expect the Incredible S's menu has an icon-based design. Features on the device include an 8-megapixel camera, DLNA support, a personal organizer, access to the Android Market, a music player, messaging and e-mail, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an FM radio, and a Web browser.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Friend Stream

The Friend Stream feature shows a constant flow of your social media updates.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Favorite contacts

You can program the Favorites menu with the contacts you love most.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Media gallery

You can swipe through album art in the media gallery. The Incredible S shifts to a landscape display for most features.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Web browser

The Web browser will default to a mobile site if one is available, but it can support for Web pages as well.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Virtual entry

Without a physical keyboard, you'll need to use the virtual keyboard for all text entry.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET


The phone dialer will be familiar.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Thin profile

The Incredible S has a thin profile. We couldn't take it off the cable, but the hardware felt great.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

Up top

Up top are the power control and the 3.5mm headset jack.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET


On the rear side you'll find the camera lens and flash.
Photo by: Kent German/CNET

HTC Incredible S

Photo by: HTC


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