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HolidayBuyer's Guide

Alienware 14

Origin EON 13-S

Razer Blade 14

Dell XPS 15

It might be thick, but the latest Alienware laptop's a heck of a performer, and not too insanely priced. And it has a neat glowing touch pad.
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$1,799.99 MSRP
It's almost impossible to find a true gaming laptop with a 13-inch screen, much less one that has 1080p resolution. The EON 13-S may look a little boxy, but it's a tiny powerhouse.
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$2,145.00 MSRP
Beautifully slim and full of useful features, the Blade 14's a nearly perfect lightweight gaming laptop...if you can forgive its less-than-perfect display.
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$1,799.00 MSRP
The best thing about the new XPS 15 is how it packs solid Nvidia graphics into a thin body while boasting a high-res touch screen. It's a mainstream notebook that's gaming-capable.
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$1,899.99 MSRP
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