New toys and apps for your GoPro (pictures)

GoPro opens up a way for third-party developers to make new apps, mounts and devices for existing cameras. Here are a few neat tools coming soon.

Lexy Savvides
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BMW M-laptimer app

One of the biggest names making apps to extend the capabilities of the GoPro camera is BMW. This is the M-laptimer app, available in summer 2016. It overlays telemetry data from the camera such as speed and location to give the driver feedback. You will also be able to review a replay of the ride after the fact.

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Action cams for kids

Fisher-Price is developing special GoPro mounts for a range of its bouncers and jumperoos. Expect these to come to market in 2017.

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Give your GoPro night vision

GoPro cameras don't always perform well at night. The Ecliptus is an all-in-one night vision unit that incorporates a Hero4 camera. There's full wireless control through an app, and the entire module is weathertight. It's available now for $5,499.

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Talk to the hand

The BearTek glove lets you wirelessly control a GoPro using your fingers. Start or stop recording, activate burst photo mode and change modes all through touch. There's a wireless module that sits inside one of the gloves that communicates with the camera, but other modules are also available that allow similar smartphone controls over Bluetooth.

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Control cameras with your voice

The Scalarider from Cardo Systems lets you use voice control commands to trigger a GoPro. Designed to be worn on a motorcycle helmet, this headset can also control up to 15 GoPro cameras at one time.

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Trace your thrills and spills

This is Trace, an action sports tracker that can keep an eye on calories, speed, jumps, turns and more for almost any sport imaginable. It's waterproof so can sit on a surfboard or get knocked around from high-impact activities. It's $199 and is available now.

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Auto-magic editing

The most interesting component to the Trace tracker is the auto-editing feature. Using data from the device such as airtime, the companion app will automatically edit together a highlight reel of footage and then overlay data on top of the video.

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One for the audiophiles

If you're a GoPro user you probably know that the built-in mics produce less than stellar sound. Sennheiser announced this microphone designed specifically for the action camera. A special windshield makes it waterproof and resistant to other extremes like ice and snow.

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Go(Pro) underwater

Wi-Fi doesn't work underwater, so that can make it difficult to control a GoPro. The underwater Wi-Fi extender cable from CamDo lets you livestream underwater footage. It attaches to a custom backpack that hooks onto the dive housing.

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In the driver's seat

VW has a system to control a GoPro camera from the dashboard through its MirrorLink system. By using the Car-Net Cam-Connect app, the driver can keep an eye on what's going on in the back seats of the car. The app is available on the VW Touran in Europe, but there are currently no plans to bring the functionality to the US.

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All the live streams you can handle

Live stream from a phone and a GoPro at the same time with the Xtreamer app, available in summer 2016. Invite friends to view the broadcast by sharing a link through any number of social media channels like Facebook or WhatsApp, then they can also join in the stream by showing you what they are up to at the same time. Think of it a bit like a giant group Skype call. Once the broadcast has concluded, the app automatically edits together a highlight reel switching between multiple viewpoints from all the cameras.

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Light the way

The Rigid Industries LED light pumps out 5800 lumens and charges a GoPro at the same time. It's designed for mounting on a utility vehicle to provide forward-projected lighting and costs $599.

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