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Audio and video streamers

Chromecast Audio (left) just does audio while the new Chromecast (right) does both audio and video. Both cost $35, £30 or AU$49 and are available in 17 countries.

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Both the Chromecast and Chromcast Audio are available in multiple colors.

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The Chromecast Audio has grooves on the top to remind us of the good old days of vinyl records (which are experiencing a bit of resurgence these days).


New look and features

In addition to a revamped look, the new Chromecast media streamer has been updated with a "Fast Play" feature, enhanced Wi-Fi and easier content discovery.


Compact Chromecast

The new Chromecast remains very compact.


Built-in HDMI

The Chromecast media player has an integrated HDMI cable. The device does require an external power accessory (included).


HDMI puck

A close up of the HDMI connector. The USB port is for a cable that powers the puck.


Spotify onboard

Both Chromecasts offer support for Spotify, a feature users have demanded for a while.

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Cast games

You'll be able to cast a limited number of games to your TV via the new Chromecast.

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Speaker connection

With the standard audio connector, the Chromecast Audio can connect to basically to anything with an audio input and turn any speaker into Wi-Fi speaker.


Cast apps

You'll be able to easily see which apps you can cast to your Chromecast from your phone or tablet and watch on the big screen.

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Faster load times

Google says the new Chromecast is up to 80 percent zippier.

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Published:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET
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