Google goners, from Reader to Buzz to Jaiku (pictures)

Reader joins the ranks of Google's shuttered projects on Monday. In memory of the much loved, but little used, RSS reader, here's a look back at some Google products that have been phased out, sunsetted, and just plain shut down.

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Google Reader

Google on Monday shut down Reader, its Web-based RSS feed reader.

In March, Google announced that the service, which was launched in 2005, would be going away on July 1 because of declining usage. The announcement sent a small group of loyal followers looking for alternatives, and spurred sites like Digg and Feedly to offer their own reader services.

Reader certainly isn't the first product the Web giant has shut down -– and it likely won't be the last, judging by Google's history. Here’s a look back at some Google products that have been phased out, sunsetted, or just plain shut down.

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list of no-longer-available Google products, just a (rather large) sampling that stood out to us. Tell us in the comments what shuttered Google products you miss the most.

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Google will retire the iGoogle personalized home page service on November 1, 2013. iGoogle was launched in 2005 and let users customize their home page with themes, widgets, games and more. In July 2012, Google said the need for the service "has eroded over time."
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Google Talk

Google has not said GTalk will be shut down, but its future seems uncertain with the introduction of Hangouts at Google I/O in May.
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Google Buzz

In October 2011, Google announced it would shut down the Buzz social-networking service in favor of Google+.
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Google Health

Three years after launching Google Health, the company pulled the plug on the personal health records service. The service expired on January 1, 2012, but users had until January 1, 2013, to transfer their data out of the system before it was deleted entirely.
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Google Listen

Launched through Google Labs in late 2009, Listen let users discover and listen to new podcasts. Google said the introduction of Google Play made the app redundant, and it was shut down on November 1, 2012.
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Google ended Knol, a project for sharing and storing bits of information, in October 2012.
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Google Apps for Teams

The Google Apps for Teams service let Google App users or connected school and college users with a verified e-mail account collaborate on projects using non-e-mail apps including Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk. In September 2012, Google discontinued Apps for Teams and converted the accounts into personal Google accounts.
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Google Video

While Google’s video search is alive and kicking, any remaining videos on its original video-hosting platform were exported to YouTube in August 2009. Users lost the ability to upload content to Google Video in May 2009.
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Google TV Ads

Google gave up on its five-year attempt to revolutionize the way advertising is sold on TV in late 2012. The company said the move was prompted by the shift to watching content across mobile devices.
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Google Talk Chatback

Google turned off the text chat widget for Web publishers in July 2012 and encouraged those who wanted the function to use Meebo Bar – an instant message company Google acquired in June 2012. Meebo Bar was shut down on June 6, 2013.
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Google Mini

Google discontinued the Google Mini, a hardware search appliance for enterprises that launched in 2005, on July 31, 2012. It was replaced with Google Enterprise Search.
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On April 19, 2012, Google shuttered the photo-editing service Picnik, which it had acquired in March 2010.
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Google Wave

Google pulled the plug on Wave, a real-time collaboration tool which aimed to combine various forms of online communication, in August 2012.
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Google Social Graph API

The Social Graph API was designed to give developers tools to use information about public connections between people. Google dropped the service on April 20, 2012, because it was not seeing the "kind of adoption" the company had hoped for.
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Google said goodbye to Urchin, a client-hosted web analytics product, in March 2012 and instead focused on Google Analytics.
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Google purchased the Twitter competitor in 2007, but shut it down on down January 15, 2012.
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Google Message Continuity

In January 2012, Google announced it would stop offering the email back-up service Google Message Continuity.
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Google Sky Map

Google turned over development of the Android app for gazing at the stars to students at Carnegie Mellon University in January 2012. They also open-sourced the app for any would be astronomers.
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The social search engine Google acquired in 2010 for a reported $50 million -- Aardvark -- was shut down in September 2011.
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Google Sidewiki

In September 2011, Google also announced it would discontinue Sidewiki, a service that let people comment on Web content.
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Google Notebook

Google announced it was shutting down the Notebook service in September 2011, and as of July 2012, all Google Notebook data was transferred to Google Docs.
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Google Labs

Google decided to close its test bed for more experimental projects in July 2011. Some Google Labs products were shut down immediately while others were folded into other Google products.
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Google Search Wiki

Google Search Wiki, a service that let people elevate, delete, add, and annotate search results, was ended in March 2010.
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Dodgeball, acquired by Google in 2005, was shut down in February 2009. Once a popular social experiment, it was largely supplanted by Twitter.
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Lively, a virtual world Google launched in July 2008, was shut down later that year.

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