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Shepard Fairey

Google announced Tuesday that it's looking to preserve some of the popular street art seen around the world through its new Street Art Project put together by the Google Cultural Institute and "street art experts."

The project has brought to the Internet more than 5,000 images and roughly 100 special exhibitions on artists, places, and themes. Users can sift through the Street Art Project site and check out the history of the New York graffiti scene; murals in South America; street art stickers, and much more.

This photograph shows a detail of a Shepard Fairey mural done in Malaga, Spain.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga

3ttman and 2501

Artists 3ttman and 2501 both painted a wall of this mural in 2013 for the Living Walls Conference in Summerhill, Atlanta, Ga.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/Living Walls: The City Speaks


Cabaio’s stencil art incorporates a mix of abstract imagery and social commentary, as seen in this painting located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Part of Cabaio's technique is to build up layers of images to create a perception of depth.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/graffitimundo

Regg and Violant

This painting by Regg and Violant brings animal life to the urban landscape in Setubal, Portugal.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/Galeria de Arte Urbana

Malarky, Mr. Penfold, et al

A mural done in East London in 2011 by Malarky, Mr. Penfold, and other street artists.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/Global Street Art Foundation


This grand-scale work by JR demonstrates his skill of using art to transform a landscape. This creation was done in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/MoSA


Banksy's work is well documented in Google's Street Art Project.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/Global Street Art Foundation


Spanish painter Escif created this mural in Mexico City on the side of the Chihuahua building. He is said to define his street work as part of the contemporary mural movement.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/All City Canvas


Akacorleone painted this massive, colorful, text-driven mural in Lisboa, Portugal.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/Galeria de Arte Urbana


The painter Vhils often uses the texture of walls as part of his canvas -- as seen here in this mural originally created in Shanghai, China.

Photo by: Google Cultural Institute/MoSA


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