Getty Images has launched a subscription image service called Thinkstock, with millions of photographs and stock images available for download.

Getty has previously teamed up with photo-sharing site Flickr to allow photographers to share and licence their images for commercial use. Thinkstock is a new site offering a subscription service for users looking for stock photography, without needing to worry about global usage rights.

The collection includes images from Getty, iStockphoto and Jupiterimages, with both user-generated content as well as professional photography. Subscriptions start from AU$269 for a one-month subscription which allows up to 25 images a day to be downloaded, and also includes automatic protection against copyright claims.

Click through for some examples of images available on Thinkstock — it might even inspire you in your personal photography.

Photo by: Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Photo by: Comstock Images/Thinkstock

Photo by: Richard Brooks/Thinkstock

Photo by: Jinlong Kan/Thinkstock

Photo by: Ryan McVay/Thinkstock


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