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Local TV on the really small screen

Samsung phone gets mobile live TV

Yep, another Samsung Galaxy S phone

Thanks to Belkin, your iPad can be a second TV

Elgato's own iOS dongle

Pesky pull-out antennas

LG will get into mobile live TV...eventually

Dyle is a service run by Mobile Content Ventures, a consortium of broadcasters that are building a network to deliver local and live TV channels to mobile devices. This screenshot shows the Dyle application running on a local Fox channel on a mobile device.
Caption by / Photo by Dyle
The yet-to-be-announced MetroPCS smartphone from Samsung, due soon, will be able to tap into Dyle's mobile TV service.
Caption by / Photo by Samsung
The back of the unnamed Samsung phone for MetroPCS shows that it's the latest in the handset manufacturer's long line of Galaxy S phones.
Caption by / Photo by Samsung
A rendering of the iOS dongle that Belkin is planning to sell. It will work with Dyle's TV service, picking up free live and local broadcasts. Belkin plans to sell the product in the fall.
Caption by / Photo by Belkin
Elgato's Eyetv mobile dongle, currently sold in Europe. A version that works with Dyle will be coming out later this year. It currently only works with iOS devices, but the company is looking at an Android version for next year.
Caption by / Photo by Elgato
The dongle with its antenna extended. All Dyle devices, dongle or phone, will require a pull-out antenna. Dyle says that later generations of devices will have the antenna built into the device.
Caption by / Photo by Elgato
LG vice president Yasser Nafei (left) and Zenith President Jong Kim show off a prototype LG mobile device capable of getting live TV signals at this year's National Association of Broadcasters show. LG doesn't have any immediate plans to make a commercial device that works with Dyle's service yet.
Caption by / Photo by LG
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