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The sticks, boxes and dongles that serve up streaming video to your TV are already pretty cheap, but on Black Friday they're discounted even further. You can pick up some of them for about what you'd pay for a decent fake moustache. But a couple are in-store-only, requiring an early wake-up, some luck and a stiff upper lip.

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Google Chromecast 2, $25

Stores: Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Newegg, Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax

Our take: If you prefer using your phone to command the streaming stuff on your TV, this is $25 well spent.

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Roku Express Plus, $25

Store: WalMart

Our take: There's no better device to bring streaming to a television that lacks HDMI inputs, and at this price (normally $40) you might even want to pick one up for your new TV, too.

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Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote, $30

Store: Amazon, Target, Staples

Our take: At $10 off one of the best voice-controlled streaming devices around, this deal might be worth visiting Amazon's deals page to grab when it comes around.

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Roku Streaming Stick, $35

Stores: Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Store, BJ's, JCPenney, Shopko

Our take: Our highest-rated streaming device ever, the Stick is fast, has thousands of apps and is a steal at its normal price of $50.

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The old Apple TV, $60

Store: Fred Meyer

Our take: Apple stopped selling the old (circa 2012) Apple TV box earlier this year, but that apparently nobody told Northwest regional superstore Freddy's. Buying one makes sense if you just want cheap access to iTunes; otherwise, save up for...

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The new Apple TV, 25% off

Store: Target

Our take: This one's rightly marked "doorbuster" in Target's flyer, because discounts on the new Apple TV box don't come around very often. That discount equates to $112 and $150 for the 32GB and 64GB versions, respectively.

If you can't make it to Target, Best Buy is offering the 64GB version for $160.

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32-inch TCL Roku TV, $125

Store: WalMart, Amazon

Our take: The best streaming platform, built right into the TV, for an insane price. Sure, there are plenty of other cheap TV deals going on, but this is one we actually recommend.

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Amazon Fire TV box, $75

Store: Amazon

Our take: One of Amazon's elusive rotating deals, the 4K-capable Fire TV box is from 2015, but still makes a solid choice for hardcore Amazon fans with 4K TVs. That said, the Roku Premiere+ ($99) is a better all-around option.

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55-inch TCL Roku TV, $400

Store: Amazon, Target

Our take: Here's the cheapest 4K version of that great streaming platform, built into a 55-inch set. Don't expect perfect picture quality, but for this price "good enough" just might be good enough.

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