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We can dream, right?

Cuphead is the insanely difficult platformer with that beguiling old-timey art style.

Obviously we want Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch. It's the most objectively obvious choice. Sure, it's a console exclusive for the Xbox One. Sure, it'll never happen. But that doesn't mean we don't want it to happen.

Someone make it happen.


Hotline Miami

I mean, it's pretty old at this point. And almost everyone has played it. 

Hotline Miami is an ultra-violent top down shooter and it's uh... amazing. It's also infinitely replayable and has the best soundtrack of any video game ever. I'd be keen to play this on the bus with the headphones cranking.

Published:Caption:Photo:Dennation Games


Braid is a mind-bendingly unique puzzle platformer and it's perfect in bite-sized chunks, which is what you tend to want in a handheld experience. Any excuse to play a classic one more time.

Published:Caption:Photo:Number None


If you like randomly generated platforming roguelikes, then Spelunky is perfect.

Why is this not on the Nintendo Switch already? It's ridiculous that this video game isn't on the Nintendo Switch.

Published:Caption:Photo:Derek Yu

Papers, Please

I played this game on a laptop on a train when it was first released on PC. It would have been so much more comfortable using a handheld console. 

Papers, Please also has a fair amount of replay value. It's also a searing commentary on dehumanising immigration policies. (Maybe the latter part is a little more important.)

Published:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Scott Stein/CNET

Street Fighter 5

The Nintendo Switch is lacking a high-level fighting experience right now. I like Street Fighter, so I want Street Fighter 5.

Thanks. Appreciate it. Whenever you're ready, Capcom.


The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a genius satire of video game tropes and I love it.

I can't think of a decent reason why this should be on the Nintendo Switch other than "I like this game" and "I like the Nintendo Switch".

Oh wait. That's two good reasons. 



Fez is dimension-warping platforming. It's unforgettable.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Brilliant indie games from years gone by that aren't on the Switch are games that I want to be on the Switch.

Fez is a brilliant indie game from years gone by and I want it to be on the Switch. Actually, I just want a decent excuse to play it again.


Trials Evolution

Trials is a motorcycle game so difficult you'll rip out your eyebrows in frustration.

The good news: The next Trials game, Trials Rising, is coming out on the Nintendo Switch. 

The bad news: That game doesn't come out until February next year.

The solution: Release Trials Evolution, the best Trials game, on the Nintendo Switch. Right this second. 

Thank you.


Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is the game that lets you make Mario levels. It rules.

I wanted to avoid putting Nintendo games on this list, but Super Mario Maker is the exception. Mainly because it's this incredible no brainer and I can't believe it hasn't already happened. Just do a port! Come on! It makes so much sense!


The Witness

The Witness is like Super Metroid. But instead of abilities, you unlock new sections of the game with your brain.

So since we don't have a Metroid game on the Switch, why not give us The Witness? Because it rules.



Nidhogg is an innovative two-player game that's like a fast-paced sword duel. It's good.

Party games work on the Switch. Especially party games like Nidhogg. Games where you have to viscerally gut your opponent with a sword. 

My favourite genre.


Persona 5

Persona is the insanely, hyper-stylised JRPG that takes place across multiple different dimensions.

Persona 4 worked so well on the PlayStation Vita so it makes sense that Persona 5 would work well on the Nintendo Switch, which is basically the newer, better version of the PlayStation Vita.

Look, you can't argue with science. 


Fallout 4

It's Fallout 4. You know what Fallout 4 is.

Look, it's not Bethesda's best game. But it's still a good game. Personally, I think Fallout 3 might work better on the Switch, mainly because I like it more. Either way, you gave us Skyrim. Now give us Fallout.

Published:Caption:Photo:Giant Bomb

Borderlands 2

Borderlands invented the shooter/RPG hybrid. Well, kinda. It's an important video game. Let's just leave it at that.

Borderlands is sort of old news now, after Destiny ate its lunch. Personally I think the Nintendo Switch might be a good spot for piecemeal blasting of bad guys. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Gearbox Software


I know what you're thinking: Why do we need XCOM 2 when you have Mario + Rabbids, which is like XCOM except with Mario?

Yeah OK but, stay with me here: XCOM is also good. Is there not room on the Switch for lots of games that are as good as XCOM?

Published:Caption:Photo:Firaxis Games

Sim City 2000

Honestly, the Switch is crying out for some sort of city-building game. That could be Cities: Skylines or it could be the most recent Sim City game. Either way I'm not too fussed, but I think it should be Sim City 2000, the best one. 


Batman: Arkham Knight

Let's be honest — we really want Marvel's Spider-man on Switch, but that's a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Let's be reasonable and settle for the second best superhero video game franchise: Batman. Arkham City was on the Wii U, after all. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Warner Bros.

Final Fantasy XV

Imagine playing the JRPG about being on a roadtrip whilst being on a roadtrip.

Please, just let the rumors be true.



Is it OK that I just want more people to play this gem? 

If Bethesda can bring Doom, Wolfenstein and Skyrim to Switch, it can sure as hell port this game. It's a Bioshock-esque trip to an eerie space station that rewards you for playing at your own pace -- perfect for a portable console, if you ask me. 


Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair

If that doesn't sound like the name of a game that belongs on Switch, all I can tell you is this: Levelling cities full of giant ants with ridiculously destructive weaponry is hilarious with a friend on your couch, and epic with four players online. Four players in the same room, each with their own Switch? That I gotta try. 


Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn

There was a time before the world openly embraced tactical, turn-based strategy RPGs with characters whose deaths you might mourn. That's why Nintendo made so few copies of this GameCube classic and Wii sequel that I could easily eBay mine for $180. 

Why encourage this behavior, Nintendo? Earn yourself some easy money and remaster them for Switch. 


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