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PlayStation Vita 2000 (slim)

Price: $200

Availability: Spring 2014

The outlook: A lighter, slimmer Vita has debuted in other territories, but the US is finally due to get the unit sometime this spring. The verdict is already though -- the new slim Vita is probably best for those who don’t own the portable just yet, and not worth the upgrade for existing users.

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Infamous: Second Son

Price: $60

Availability: March 21 (PS4)

The outlook: While Infamous: Second Son won't blow the lid off your PS4, it's still an entertaining excursion that will keep franchise loyalists happy. It's not the must-buy title PS4 owners were clamoring for, but still makes for a respectable addition to a budding collection.

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MLB 14 The Show

Price: $60

Availability: April 1 (PS3, Vita), Spring 2014 (PS4)

The outlook: For the first time, The Show will be the only baseball game in town, but that hasn't stopped SCEA from improving on the game, especially the PS4 version due soon after April 1.

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The Elder Scrolls Online

Price: $60

Availability: April 4 (PC/Mac), June (PS4, Xbox One)

The outlook: The Elder Scrolls world will finally be available as a massive online role-playing game when it hits PC and next-gen consoles this spring.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Price: $60

Availability: May 20 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)

The outlook: Wolfenstein: The New Order will hit multiple platforms when it's released in May and will tell a historical science fiction account of the rise and fall of the Nazi party. Gamers should be prepared for over-the-top action and a brutally bloody storyline to boot.

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Watch Dogs

Price: $60

Availability: May 27

The outlook: After countless delays, Watch Dogs is set to hit nearly all platforms on May 27. Almost anything is hackable in the city of Chicago and players must use their total access to thwart enemies and elude the authorities.

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Mario Kart 8

Price: $50

Availability: May 30 (Wii U)

The outlook: The latest console version of the game since Mario Kart Wii will feature brand new racers and tracks. There's also been rumors of a track editor, which would be a first for the franchise.

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