By this point in the week, our information-addled synapses need new cameras to distinguish themselves from one another by either imaginative names, outlandish designs or lurid colour schemes. In launching the AX280, AV100, JV100, JV150, JZ300 and JZ500 compact cameras, Fujifilm has failed on all counts. Thanks, Fujifilm.

What Fujifilm has managed is to make these entry-level compacts super-cheap -- sorry, 'affordable'. The 14-megapixel AX280, pictured above, costs just £100. For your money you get a 5x optical zoom with a very respectable 28mm wide angle, equivalent to a 35mm camera.

Each of the new compacts shoots 720p high-definition video. Click 'Continue' for a quick browse through the new line-up, and see how much -- or rather how little -- damage they'll do to your wallet.

The 12-megapixel AV100 has a 3x zoom, for £70. Like the AX280, it runs off AA batteries.
The 12-megapixel JV100 retails at £100.
The 14-megapixel JV150 costs £120. Both JV models sport a 3x zoom.
The rather lovely JX200 packs a 5x optical zoom, 28mm wide angle, all for £120.
There's a jump in price now for the 12-megapixel JZ300. £170 gets you a 10x optical zoom and 28mm wide angle.
It's worth kicking in an extra tenner for the 14-megapixel JZ500, esepcially if you're an animal lover. For £180, you get all the features of the JZ300 plus face recognition and -- sigh -- pet detection.


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