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Frigidaire FPEH3077RF

The electric Frigidaire FPEH3077RF is nearly identical to its gas counterpart, the FPGH3077RF. Both ranges are the standard 30-inch-width with a stainless steel exterior. And the stoves have simple control panels on which you can set two timers, turn on the oven light and check the time.

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The Frigidaire FPEH3077RF's smooth cooktop has four burners and a warming zone to keep food hot and ready to eat. You can synchronize the two burners on the left of the cooktop to create an oblong cooking surface for cookware like a griddle. On the front right of the cooktop is a dual burner for faster boiling.

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Double burner

It took an average of 12-and-a-half minutes to boil 112 ounces of water on the double burner.

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Oven controls

The burner and oven knobs are located on the front of the stove. To control the oven, you have to use two separate knobs: one to select the oven cooking mode (Powerplus Preheat, bake, clean, convect bake, convect bake, convect roast, broil, keep warm) and one for the temperature. 

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Convection fans

There are two convection fans built into the oven's back wall that circulate the air while you bake for more even cooking. 

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Convection baking biscuits

I baked two racks of biscuits on the convection bake mode as seen on the left. The photos on the right represent the brownness of each biscuits. The biscuits that baked on a lower rack on the right side of the oven (bottom pictures) were lighter than the rest of them. Overall, the discrepancies in color weren't too alarming.

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Traditional backing biscuits

The top picture shows biscuits I based using the traditional bake setting rather than with the convection fans activated. As you can see in the color representation in the bottom picture, the biscuits that baked on the right and front sides of the ovens were more brown than the rest of the biscuits.

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Broil tests

During broil tests, I cook six hamburger patties at a time. This illustration shows how long it took each burger to reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on the time it took them to reach that temperature, the center of the broiler that cooked the middle two burgers doesn't cook as quickly as the right and lefts sides.

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