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Meet the 'roadable aircraft'

A Massachusetts-based startup called Terrafugia has released new mock-ups and a scale model of the Transition, which it calls a "roadable aircraft" but which most people will know better as a flying car.
Photo by: Terrafugia

From inside the cockpit

New modifications to Terrafugia's Transition "roadable aircraft" include an improved cockpit interface.
Photo by: Terrafugia

At home at the airport

The Terrafugia Transition is classified as a light sport aircraft, but has been allowed an extra 110 pounds of weight by the Federal Aviation Administration to make room for more auto safety features like airbags and a structural cage.
Photo by: Terrafugia

Lifting off the runway

The Terrafugia Transition needs a runway for takeoff, which means that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) isn't interested. The Department of Defense division is in search of someone to develop a flying car that doesn't require a runway.
Photo by: Terrafugia

The Terrafugia Transition takes flight

Terrafugia's Transition successfully completed a test-flight last year near Plattsburgh International Airport in New York--distance and time not disclosed--that led to a recent set of improvements to bring it closer to market.
Photo by: Terrafugia

A flying car in suburbia

At just 19 feet long and 6 feet, 9 inches tall, the Terrafugia Transition is meant to be compact enough for suburban life.
Photo by: Terrafugia


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