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Most people who know what they're talking about agree -- LG's OLED's are spectacular, both in terms of picture quality and its ability to handle motion and in terms of input lag if you plan to play video games.

It's the ultimate all-rounder. If you can buy this TV, you should probably buy this TV.

The C8 65-inch has an RRP of AU$6,399. You should be able to get it for cheaper in-store.

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Sony X900E

An extremely solid midrange TV that performs well with its deep black levels, accurate color, solid video processing and best-in-class high dynamic range performance.

It's possible to pick the 55-inch version of this TV for under AU$2,000

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Samsung MU9000

A beautifully designed TV, with picture quality in the same ball park as Samsung's more expensive QLED range. You can't really go wrong with this TV.

It looks just as good on as it does turned off. If you want something that looks good in your living room, this might be the TV for you.

You should be able to pick up the 65-inch model of this TV for under AU$2,500.

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Hisense ULED Series 7

The 55P7 series is available at under AU$1,999 and that's a lot of TV for your buck. The Hisense Series 7 is well worth it at that price. Great picture quality for under AU$2,000.

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TCL is one of those brands that isn't quite as flashy as your LGs or your Samsungs or your Bravias, but consistently delivers high quality images for a reasonable price. The TCL uses QLED Quantum Dot Technology similar to Samsung's premium range, but at a cheaper price.

You should be able to pick up a 65-inch X4US at under AU$3,500.

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