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It's not a surprise that noteworthy games from earlier in 2013, such as The Last of Us or Halo 4, are not getting next-gen upgrades for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. But, even hot games preceding the next-gen console launches by only a month or two are getting left out in the cold. And with a lack of backward compatibility for both new consoles, that's another factor to consider before investing in new hardware.
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Grand Theft Auto V

In many ways the apex of current-gen game development, GTA V takes the well-worn third-person drive-and-crime genre and gives it a solid polish. The real innovation comes from the complex interwoven storylines of the three main characters, playing out in real time, recalling film influences from Kurosawa to Tarantino.
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The Wolf Among Us

A serialized game from the makers of the Walking Dead game series, this fable-influenced mystery is available for platforms including current-gen consoles, PCs, and iOS -- but not the Xbox One or PS4. As a download-only game, this is probably the easiest on this list to eventually port to next-gen systems.

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Beyond: Two Souls

French game designer David Cage drops in once every few years with a brilliant left-field interpretation of established video game norms. With scriptwriting and design closer to film than games, Beyond and its predecessors are often experiences you watch more than play, but still worth paying attention to as a peek at the future possibilities of interactive entertainment.
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Batman: Arkham Origins

This well-established Batman series is among the best comic-to-console conversions of all time. The latest iteration is frankly too similar to the previous games, but still nails that gritty, crime-filled Dark Knight vibe. The one thing we really miss out on is a chance to see Gotham in all its next-gen glory.
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Disney Infinity

This huge, sprawling Disney project is an accountant's dream: an all-ages game inhabited by familiar Disney characters, augmented by an endless collection of real-world and downloadable add-ons to purchase.

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