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Australis for PC, tablet, phone

Welcome to Australis, Mozilla's attempt to streamline Firefox and bring a common look to PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Mozilla is trying to modernize the browser, speed it up, and make it easier to use, but still keep the browser's customizability.

For more details, check CNET's look at Australis and the changes it will bring.

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Firefox Australis overall

Australis, Mozilla's overhaul of Firefox's user interface, gives the foreground tab new emphasis and makes the others fade more into the background. To the left of the tabs, pinned tabs that users might want to access often show just by their narrow favicon images. The entire menu has been reduced to a customizable toolbar with a few buttons on the upper right of the interface; clicking the three parallel horizontal lines opens up the menu.

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Themes on Australis

Want a new look? Australis is better for showing off themes, Mozilla believes.

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Australis menu panel

Firefox's menu under the Australis interface turns into a panel -- a grid of links.

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Australis customizable menus

Don't like the Firefox menu and toolbar options that come with the Firefox Australis revamp? You can customize both.

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Australis download status

The new download interface in Australis shows download progress and offers a pop-up to what's been downloaded already.

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