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Samsung Galaxy S5: For the active dad

Is your dad always on his feet and ready to go? The Galaxy S5 is a top-tier flagship that can keep up. Its water resistant design ensures that it'll survive rain or shine (but especially rain), and its rear heart rate monitor make it the perfect running partner.

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HTC One M8: A guy with style

For your dad, the Sophisticate, he'll appreciate you going out of your way for the One M8. With its high-end specs and sleek aluminum body, it's the most luxurious Android phone out there. And doesn't your father deserve the best?

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Kyocera Torque: The accident-proof phone

If your father's the no muss, no fuss kind of guy, the Torque doesn't bombard users with unintuitive and buried features. Plus, that rugged and waterproof exterior means it'll survive anything you throw at it (or rather, throw it at).

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Working 9 to 5 and then some

It's time to get your CEO dad a device that can do it all. Whether he runs a small business, needs to keep track of everyone's after school activities, or edit his latest PowerPoint, the Galaxy Note 3 and its built-in S Pen, serve as his pocketable office.

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LG G Flex: Unique look that stands out

For that nontraditional, quirky father who was full of #dadpuns, the G Flex is a handset that's as unique as he is. Not only because of its obvious curve, but it's actually flexible too. So go ahead and sit, squish, and smush this phone without a worry.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra (GPE): A big splurge, for a big size

Deciding between getting your dad a tablet or a phone? Consider the Z Ultra then. At $649 it'll cost you a pretty penny, but it serves up a 6.4-inch screen in a water resistant package. And as a Google branded device, it'll get OS updates the moment they roll in to keep your dad ahead of the curve.

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