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Ego Power+ Lawn Mower

If your dad prides himself on a pristine lawn, then take a look at what Ego is offering with their new Power+ Lawn Mower. This clever cutter folds for easy storage and runs off of a rechargeable 56-volt lithium ion battery -- meaning it doesn't need gasoline to run. Fresh cut grass never smelled so good.


Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler System

Another lawncare product to keep an eye on is the Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler System. With auto-scheduling, weather awareness, and lawn analytics built right in, it'll help Dad take the guesswork out of keeping the grass green.


Bunn MyCafe MCU

For a dad in need of a solid single-serving coffee option, you can't do much better than the Editor's Choice-winning Bunn MyCafe MCU. With four interchangeable brewheads capable of brewing K-Cups, fresh grounds, soft pods, or just instant hot water, it'll make an exceptional addition to Dad's morning routine.

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Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit

Is Dad overdue for new light bulbs? Consider going the extra mile and gifting him the Connected by TCP LED Lighting Control Kit, which offers high quality bulbs that he'll be able to control with a remote and program from his phone.

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Amana AMC2166AS countertop microwave

If your old man loves popcorn as much as mine does, then take a look at this powerful microwave from Amana. With a 90-second preset capable of popping bag after bag to perfection, it's our current undisputed popcorn champion.

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Power Practical PowerPot V

Is Dad the outdoorsy type? In that case, consider getting him this crafty little pot that doubles as a thermoelectric generator, letting him charge his devices while boiling dinner over the campfire.

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iDevices iGrill Mini

If Pop prefers to do his outdoor cooking on a patio, then take a look at the iDevices iGrill Mini. At $39, it's an easy, affordable way to add smarts to any backyard barbecue. Just insert the probe end into whatever Dad wants to cook, and the transmitter will use Bluetooth to tell his smartphone when he's hit his target temperature.

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Viper Home Security

For robust, DIY home security, we were impressed with what Viper Home brings to the table -- and Dad will love the fact that it's capable of syncing up with his car, too.

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