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Amazon Fire HDX 8.9

No matter if Dad's a tech newbie or a proficient player, there's a tablet that'll fit his needs perfectly. Click through the slideshow to see more and check out CNET's chock-full list of Father's Day gift recommendations.

Does your dad constantly ask you for technical support? Does he also interrupt mid-movie to ask who that actor is or "what's the name of this movie again"?

The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is a great tablet for your inquisitive father. Not only does it have access to live technical support with a real human being at the simple push of a button, it also features the super-useful Firefly app. The item recognition software can recognize scenes in a movie or TV show, music, or even items -- with a helpful link to buy them on Amazon, of course.

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Nvidia Shield tablet

There's no better tablet for a gamer than the Nvidia Shield.

The 8-inch tablet is gaming machine with a superfast processor, a sharp screen, and a proprietary handheld controller. It can also connect to your TV if you want to make the jump to the big screen. Oh, did I mention it's also a great all-around Android tablet to-boot?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Is Dad more of a movie-buff than a gamer? There's no better tablet to binge-watch with than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

Offered in two sizes -- 8.4- and 10.5-inch -- the Tab S rocks an impressively sharp and colorful OLED screen that provides a spectacular viewing experience. They're also two of the thinnest tablets around.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Pro

As your dad dutifully taught you, sharing is caring. With the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, you can share whatever's on the tablet's screen thanks to its built-in projector.

It's not HD and it won't rival any of the best projectors, but it's a unique perk for a tablet. Its large 13-inch screen is also great for smaller viewing parties and playing mobile games.

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Apple iPad Air 2 & Mini 3

Giving an Apple iPad as a gift to an iPhone user is the equivalent to buying your partner chocolate and roses on Valentine's Day. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just the obvious and easy choice.

The iPad Air 2 is one of the sleekest tablets on the market and its good looks match its excellent performance. The iPad Mini 3 isn't too far behind either. If your dad owns an iPhone, it'll be an easy transition to the big(ger) screen.

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Google Nexus 9

Any Android aficionado will love the Google Nexus 9. It houses one of the fastest processors available and stuns with its simple elegance.

Since it's a Google-branded tablet, it also gets the latest OS updates as soon as they're available.

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Dell Venue 8

Affordable pure Android (no pre-loaded software hogging your internal storage) tablets are hard to find, so let me make it easy and introduce you to the Dell Venue 7 and 8.

The 7- and 8-inch devices are simple and smooth operators. If Dad just needs a solid tablet for checking email, watching the latest viral videos, and lurking on Facebook, the Dell Venues make for great hosts.

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