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Panasonic TC-PST50 series

Dad loves high-quality pictures. He also loves saving money. The perfect balance is Panasonic's ST50, with superb black levels, excellent color and those sweet plasma viewing angles that let everyone watching the big game enjoy an equally fantastic view.

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Sharp LC-LE640U series

At 60- and 70-inches diagonal, these Sharps redefine the concept of big-screen TV. They also manage to cost much less than dad would probably guess. He's guaranteed to have the biggest TV on the block, unless another dad down the street gets the...

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Sharp LC-80LE632U

It's an 80-inch TV. Its length is equal to the height of LeBron James. 'Nuff said.

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Samsung PNE8000 series

For the dad who has it all, we promise, he doesn't have this. Voice and gesture control, a touchpad remote, Bluetooth-to-IR blasters, an optional keyboard, scads of apps, two pairs of included active 3D glasses--the features list goes on and on. Best of all, picture quality is outstanding. For dads with money to burn, a TV like this fits the bill nicely.


LG G2 series (Google TV)

If he's a geek, chances are he knows what Google TV is. If he's a super-geek, he might even want it built into his next television. If that's the case, and picture quality isn't a major concern, then LG's G2 is his dream TV, motion-sensitive QWERTY remote and all.

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