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Facebook New York is moving into its new office at 770 Broadway. New York staffers are starting with a blank canvas.
Photo by: Facebook

Under construction

The new office was designed by Facebook-favorite architect Frank Gehry.

"Finding this space took months of searching and design, and even now it’s still being built around us," said Facebook New York site director Serkan Piantino.

Photo by: Facebook

New desks, new views

Recruiting with a view.
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A new perspective

Astor Place is a historic neighborhood in Lower Manhattan named for John Jacob Astor, once the richest person in the United States.
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Welcome to the neighborhood

"We are really looking forward to being part of the neighborhood. We plan to host tech meetups and share what we’re working on here in NYC. We’ll even throw a party now and then. We’ll bring talent to the city and partner with the other industries that live here," Facebook's Piantino said.
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The dust is still settling

Clearly, Piantino, the site director, wasn't kidding when he said the office was being built around New York staffers.
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Moving chaos

Boxes, cables, and wires, oh my!
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Desks and more desks

Not everyone will get a city view.
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Model work

The finished office will be a life-size replica of this model.
Photo by: Facebook


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