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The best way to view Facebook on your Android

News Feed

People tab

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Nearby Friends

Friends on the map

Chat menu


Facebook's mobile app gets better every year, with a streamlined design, plenty of social features, and helpful tools for sharing photos, links and more from your phone.

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Facebook for Android recently got a major face-lift, with a new design and a few new features.

Some things haven't changed though. You still can like and comment on posts, share a status, upload a photo, or check in, all from the main News Feed.

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You can see your entire friend list and get recommendations on who you might want to add as a friend from the People tab.

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Facebook said that it will soon remove your messages from the main Facebook mobile app, and instead force you to use Facebook Messenger. For now, though, you can still chat with friends from the app.

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Here you'll find your profile tucked away, as well as apps, groups, settings, and the new Nearby Friends feature.

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Nearby Friends is a brand-new feature in the newest version of Facebook's Android app. Using GPS, it shows the approximate location of your friends, grouped by city. It's similar to Apple's Find My Friends feature, which uses your phone's contacts and GPS to plot your friends' and family's locations on a map.

Once you set it up, you'll see a list of other friends using Nearby Friends and their approximate locations. It'll say what city they're in and a general location, such as a neighborhood, if available. You'll see how far away, in miles, they are from you, and how long ago, in minutes, they were in that area.

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You can share your precise location with your friends, and then your profile picture will appear on a map only they can see.

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Tap the tiny icon in the top right of the screen to reveal a chat menu, which lists which of your friends are online right now. You can also get to your Nearby Friends list from here. Unfortunately, you can no longer send private messages in the app.

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Like in earlier versions of the app, you can view your full profile and edit your cover photo.

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