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Putting the 'eye' in Iron Man

Finnish makeup artist Karita Brun gets geeky inspiration for many of her eye makeup designs. This Iron Man creation takes it look from the superhero's shiny red and gold suit, but it also contains a good dose of Tony Stark's attitude.
Photo by: Karita Brun

Mischievious Loki makeup

Supervillains also get their moment in the spotlight with Karita Brun's makeup designs. Loki's look is translated into eye shadow playing up the dark green colors from his costume.
Photo by: Karita Brun

Darth Vader eyes the Dark Side

Self-taught makeup artist Karita Brun faced a real challenge in turrning Darth Vader into a recognizable eye makeup design. A red lightsaber radiates up from the shadowy makeup application.
Photo by: Karita Brun

Go green with Hulk eyes

The Hulk is more than just green. Karita Brun's Hulk interpretation also gives a nod to his famous purple pants. It's the perfect eye makeup for displaying your inner rage monster.
Photo by: Karita Brun

How to Hulk your eyes

Makeup artist Karita Brun gives detailed tutorials on how to achieve her Avengers and "Star Wars" eye shadow looks. This chart gives details on creating the Hulk design for yourself.
Photo by: Karita Brun

Nick Fury eye patch makeup

Nick Fury from The Avengers also gets his time in the eye shadow spotlight. Karita Brun's version of Fury plays with his eye patch look and turns it into a sultry design good for those nights when you need to save the world.
Photo by: Karita Brun

Thor thunders in makeup form

Self-taught makeup whiz Karita Brun took the scales from Thor's armor and worked them into this eye makeup design. It's hammer time.
Photo by: Karita Brun

Captain American starry eyes

Stars get in your eyes with Karita Brun's Captain America eye makeup. This is part of her Avengers collection containing eye shadow interpretations of the blockbuster superheros.
Photo by: Karita Brun

Angry Birds in eye makeup

Makeup artist Karita Brun goes beyond "Star Wars" and the Avengers for her eye makeup inspiration. Here, the famous Red Bird from Angry Birds gets the eye shadow treatment. Brun uses herself as a model.
Photo by: Karita Brun


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