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Exposure is a series of photo galleries showcasing photographic talent in Australia. Our featured photographers share their best shots and give us an insight into both their creative and technical processes. If you are interested in being featured in Exposure, or know any photo buffs who might be, contact us at


(Credit: Christine Lim)

Photographer: Christine Lim

Speciality: Fashion and beauty portraits

Biography: Christine started taking photos in 2005 when she purchased her very first camera, a Canon 3000N film SLR for a photography unit at university. Originally she was studying film and television and only took photography as an elective, but soon fell in love with it after her first black and white studio shoot.

She started taking fashion and beauty shots mid-last year when she got the Canon 40D, with her friends Marlene Lim agreeing to be a model and Marilyn Lim a hair and make-up artist. They shoot almost every weekend, sometimes twice a week, in between their full-time jobs. One day the girls hope to be able to do this full-time by owning their own studio.

Christine freelances by taking beauty and fashion portraits, modelling portfolios, weddings and events photography.

"Photography is such a big part of my life now and well, I really cannot imagine doing anything else. Its endless creative possibilities are just very challenging and a motivation for me to always strive for something new, something better."

Equipment: Christine uses the Canon EOS 40D, initially with the 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens but now uses the 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens. She also has a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens and the 430EX speedlite, plus a dedicated Bowens Gemini 500 lighting kit (a softbox and a 90mm silver/white umbrella) for studio shoots. Photoshop CS3 is used for post-processing.

This was taken in my friend's house when I first got the lighting kit. We used one key light and a fill against a white wall.

Model: Marlene Lim; make-up artist: Erin Barrow

Exposure: f/11 @ 1/40th, ISO400, 24mm

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We were inspired by the futuristic make-up in a

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Women behind the veil

This was my first studio shoot for a black-and-white photography project. My concept was inspired by an article in

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Flash was used for this photo taken in a dark alley to highlight the model. I love how the dark end of the alley gives the photo an eerie feeling, yet the model's expression challenges and questions this fear.

Model: Chantelle James; wardrobe, hair and make-up: Lily Webb; styling: Marlene Lim

Exposure: f/10 @ 1/200th, ISO200, 17mm

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Here, us

This was a pre-wedding test shoot organised by Ruby Yeo. It was a humid day and we shot at an abandoned burnt-down police station in Malaysia. The sun was mercilessly hot that day! I like how the couple, especially the bride in the white bridal dress, stands out from the greens and burnt woods.

Couple: Yvonne Chua and Ken Chai; photography assistant: Rachel Chee; wardrobe: Ruby Yeo

Exposure: f/4.5 @ 1/200th, ISO100, 24mm

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Subtle light

The source of light was the sun coming in from the door on the right. I like how it cast harsh shadows on the left side of the model and towards the back, creating a vignette around the photo, yet allowing enough light to cast a reflection of the white dress on the wooden floor.

Model: Yvonne Chua; photography assistant: Rachel Chee; wardrobe: Ruby Yeo

Exposure: f/2.8 @ 1/200th, ISO200, 32mm

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This is one very young and talented model. We loved the outfit she was wearing when she came in, it suited the "rock chic" theme we had in mind so we shot her in it. We had a play with the lights and finally decided we wanted one side of the photo to have dark shadows so we used one (softbox) key light, flash sync by cable on the right to illuminate the face and arm.

Model: Allegra Keogh, make-up artist: Marilyn Lim

Exposure: f/6.3 @ 1/160th, ISO100, 24mm

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For this photo shoot, I had a play with natural lighting and learnt how shadows can be used to emphasise a certain part of a photograph. The lighting on the hair and forehead draws our eyes toward the model's thick lashes, although shadows are evident there. I like how the lighting highlights Jessica's slightly pursed lips.

Model: Jessica Cupit; hair and make-up: Marilyn Lim; photography assistant: Bernice Lim

Exposure: f/13 @ 1/60th, ISO100, 47mm

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It was a challenge to take this photo as the sun was starting to set, and there was no lighting in the house (behind the model). The only light available came from the left, above a tree and it was a challenge to capture the model without awkward shadows from the tree branches above her, especially on her facial features.

Model: Aleisha Draper; hair and styling: Marlene Lim; make-up artist: Marilyn Lim

Exposure: f/5.6 @ 1/640th, ISO250, 24mm

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I wanted to keep the background star lighting blurred so I used f/3.5 for shallow depth of field. The model had to sit about half a metre away from the black backdrop and star lights so that the lighting (a key light only) will only fall on the model, making the background a dark solid colour.

Model, hair and make-up: Claire Randall

Exposure: f/3.5 @ 1/80th, ISO200, 38mm

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Our vows

This was taken with the 50mm f/1.4 lens and this shot made me love the lens even more. I like the way everything else in the photo is out of focus except the ring, the most important element in this shot. This was taken early in the morning during the wedding preparations and had a light blue cast to the photo. I added in darker blue and purple filters in Photoshop during post-processing to exaggerate the tone.

Exposure: f/1.4 @ 1/400th, ISO200, 50mm

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Music please

This was taken inside a car when we were seeking shelter from the rain during our photo shoot. The space was very tight but it allowed more opportunities for head shots, which the model delivered beautifully! I added in a yellow filter during post-processing to create that warm tone in the photo.

Model: Gemma Taylor; make-up artist: Marlene Lim

Exposure: f/2.8 @ 1/8th, ISO200, 50mm

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These steps

This was a pre-wedding shoot promoting bridal gowns. We wanted a more modern look to the photo and the model's pose and expression complemented this perfectly. Although the available lighting for the day was pretty dull as the sun started to set behind the buildings, the model still managed to make the shoot look both confident yet elegant.

Model: Rochelle Emanuel-Smith; hair and styling: Marlene Lim; make-up artist: Marilyn Lim

Exposure: f/2.8 @ 1/125th, ISO250, 24mm

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One key light and a fill were used above the model. It was hard to frame the photo because we had her lying inside a cardboard box filled with jelly beans and space was very restricted, which limited the framing possibilities.

Model: Kim Dao; make-up artist: Marilyn Lim

Exposure: f/5.6 @ 1/200th, ISO100, 51mm

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This was a make-up collaboration project with Claire Randall. The theme was 1950s pin up. It was shot in a rented studio so three lightings were used; key light on the right, fill on left and a back light on the top middle sync so that the back will be a clean white background.

Model: Ashlee Marwick; make-up artist and stylist: Claire Randall

Exposure: f/16 @ 1/200th, 25mm

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Sea breeze

This was taken on a hidden beach in Perth. The model wanted to build her modelling portfolio and is a surfer who loves the sand, sea and sun. What better place than to shoot on a beautiful beach. Flash was used because the sun was behind the model.

Model: Cobie Starcevich; make-up artist: Marilyn Lim

Exposure: f/13 @ 1/250th, ISO100, 17mm

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It was today

A close-up portrait shoot with shallow depth of field around the model to draw attention to the eyes.

Model: Rochelle Emanuel-Smith; hair and styling: Marlene Lim; make-up artist: Marilyn Lim

Exposure: f/2.8 @ 1/100th, ISO160, 43mm

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This was a portrait shot focused on fashion. I used my Bowens lighting kit (two lights) so that there wouldn't be any harsh shadows falling on the model.

Model: Lizaveta; wardrobe, hair and make-up artist: Lily Webb; photography assistant: Kevin Lim

Exposure: f/10 @ 1/200th, ISO200, 22mm

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