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Samsung Array

Doro PhoneEasy 618

T-Mobile 768

LG Exalt

Pantech Vybe

Kyocera Verve

LG Revere 2

With different needs and priorities to consider, designing a cell phone for seniors takes serious thought. Here at CNET, we've come across several devices that excel at their simplicity and reliability, and gathered some recent standouts in this gallery.

While some handsets in this roundup are specifically for seniors, others aren't. But these phones still impressed us with their user-friendly design and solid performance. The Array, for example, is for anyone who prioritizes crystal-clear phone calls and excellent voice quality. It also has a physical keyboard for tapping out messages easily.

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Crafted with elders in mind, the PhoneEasy 618 is equipped with a large emergency call button located on the back of the device. This button can dial 911 or another programmed numbers. The camera also has a flash that can quickly function as a continuous flashlight.

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It's not every day you see a feature phone with expandable memory, but lo and behold, the easy-to-use and compact T-Mobile 768 is one of them. If you have a microSD card, you can take as many family photos and record as many memories on the video camera as you want (well, as long as it doesn't exceed 32GB).

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If you want a flip phone with style, the Exalt is quite the looker. In lieu of the common monochrome external display, LG decked this device with a moving LED light ticker that can display the time, the phone number of an incoming call, or notifications. Not only do these lights look good, they're easy to read and understand too.

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Despite only sporting a 3-megapixel lens, the Vybe has a pretty decent camera that can shoot sharp photos. The phone also has excellent call quality and its QWERTY keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience.

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Don't be too turned off by the Verve's loud color. OK, it's bright pink, but it also comes in black and blue depending on your carrier. Whatever color you choose, however, you'll still get a decent handset that has secondary buttons that can quickly launch a user's "in case of emergency" information and call 911.

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Not only is the Revere 2's sleek faux-metallic design easy on the eyes, but its user interface is too. It has easy-to-read menu icons, and you can quickly increase font sizes by pressing the volume button as well.

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