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Every smart home gadget Siri can control

This digital assistant can make big changes to your daily routines.


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A digital assistant in your pocket

One of Siri's biggest assets is her ability to integrate with the smart home. The gadgets you can control via Siri and the HomeKit platform has been growing slowly but steadily over the past two years. But now, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, there's over a hundred more HomeKit products slated for release this year. Here are all the ways Siri can help out in the smart home so far.

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Bright lights, big Siri

One of the most practical categories of smart-home gadget Siri can control is lights. Philips Hue lights can be controlled with commands like, "Turn on the lights," or "Turn the kitchen lights blue."

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Or something a little different

If you want something that looks a little edgier, you can also go with the Nanoleaf smart bulb that works with HomeKit.

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Siri in top (plat)form

If you already use certain platforms like Insteon or Lutron to control your lights, you can also integrate them with Siri.

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Controlling retrofit gadgets

If you have more of a retrofit lighting setup, you can connect Siri to a limited set of smart plugs. These gadgets, like the iDevices Switch, let you control standard lamps and other pluggable household items with Siri.

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Plugs on plugs

Other smart plugs that HomeKit works with: iHome, Koogeek, Incipio, Parce, Elgato and ConnectSense.

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Climate control

Lighting isn't the only way to change your environment. Your home climate matters just as much. Siri can control your thermostat to keep you home at the right temperature.

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Siri works with various thermostats, including the Ecobee3, the Honeywell Lyric, the iDevices Thermostat and the Netatmo Thermostat (although Netatmo's only available in the UK).

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An indoor breeze

Siri can also control Hunter Fans if you want a breeze in your office. Just say, "Siri, turn on the fan."

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Harnessing sunlight

The best light isn't an LED; it's the sun. If you have an open space with a lot of natural light, using smart shades like Lutron's with Siri can be an easy way to get healthy light without careful color temperature calibration. Just say, "Siri, open the shades."

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Calling it a night

If you're concerned about security, Siri can remind you which locks are open or closed. Just ask, "Which doors are locked?"

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Securing the home

With the August Smart Lock or the Schlage Sense Deadbolt, you can also tell Siri to lock your doors.

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Sleeping safe ...

If you're less worried about intruders than air quality, you can use Siri with devices like Elgato Eve to ask about conditions in your home, like temperature, humidity, and air quality.

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... and sound

You can also check the status of your smoke and CO detector, if you have the First Alert Onelink. Although it'll set off an alarm while you're home, it's helpful to be able to check with Siri if you're out of town overnight.

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All working together

Siri can control a lot of gadgets, but doing so one-by-one can be a hassle. HomeKit is unique in that you can control all your gadgets with a single simple command. When I say "I'm Home," Siri will open the shades, unlock the doors, and turn on the lights.

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The future

Apple's HomeKit platform has a big future. If the company's promises are true, we'll see over a hundred gadgets working with HomeKit and likely Siri this year alone. We'll update the list as new categories of smart-home tech connect to Siri.

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