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The Entourage Edge is a dual-screen portable device that combines the benefits of an e-book reader's electronic ink display with a color screen tablet computer.

The Edge is currently available for $499, and is offered in six different colors (navy blue, black, red, white, light blue, and gray).
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The hinged design of the Edge allows each screen 360 degrees of rotation, yet are stiff enough to act as a kickstand for hands-free operation.

With two full-size USB ports and the ability to reorient the screen for landscape or portrait view, users can connect an external keyboard and use the Edge as a capable word processor.
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The Entourage Edge (seen here with the color screen folded behind the e-ink display) comes packaged with a power adapter and a Mini-USB cable.
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On the top edge of the e-ink display, the Edge offers covered slots for SIM card and an SD memory card. A switch for the internal Wi-Fi and a Mini-USB port are located to the right of these slots.
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All folded up, the Edge looks like a common Netbook computer. In this orientation the measurements are 10.75 inches wide, 8.25 inches tall, and an inch thick. Total weight is approximately 3 pounds, which is a bit on the hefty side compared with single-screen e-book readers.
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Are two screens better than one? Casual readers will probably find the Edge's two-screen design more bulky than useful, but students and academics may find the interplay of text, word processing, and Web a powerful tool.
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Just minutes out of the box, the advantages of having an e-ink display to complement the color LCD become immediately apparent. Both screens include an antiglare coating, but the e-ink display is exceedingly readable under direct sunlight.

Learn more about the Entourage Edge.
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