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Donkey Kong Barrel Sleeper

Unleash your inner assassin in Victorian London

Candy Crush in Martha's Vineyard

Game of War mansion in Charleston

Practice Guitar Hero and record music in this schoolhouse

A futuristic condo fit for Master Chief

Live like a Kardashian in a Mexican villa

A mansion fit for Princess Peach

Keep safe from monsters in this Minecraft house

Eat dots and avoid ghosts in Pac-Man house

Have a blocky vacation in this Tetris house

Looking to get up close and personal with one of Donkey Kong's barrels without getting bonked on the head? This 1,000-gallon wine drum in Walla Walla, Washington, has been converted into a cozy sleeping pod stationed next to a pool (and a house, but who needs that?).

Though you run the risk of being lifted up into the air and thrown at an enemy in the middle of the night, if that happened you could simply kick open the door and plunge into the pool.

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Live out your fantasies of being a deadly assassin like the protagonists from the Assassin's Creed video game series in this Victorian-era London townhome.

Just be sure to leave your hidden deadly blades at home and enjoy the more peaceful aspects of living in Victorian days in the massive six-bedroom townhouse.

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This gingerbread cottage in Martha's Vineyard could be straight out of Candy Crush Saga, and you'll definitely want to satisfy your sweet tooth after staying here. Just, you know, try not to take a bite out of the house when your stay is over -- leave the place in tact for the next Candy Crush fan out there.

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Bring your massive Game of War army to this mansion in Charleston, South Carolina, to relax after a hard day's battle. It has a private pool overlooking the ocean, and looks like one of the mansions you can build in the game.

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Do you enjoy jamming out with your friends on Guitar Hero? Why not get together and create actual music in this converted schoolhouse in Hancock, New York? The house contains a full recording studio so you can make sweet music while you enjoy your getaway.

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Master Chief from the Halo video game series would feel at home in this futuristic condo in Toronto. Put the interstellar war behind you as you spend some time kickin' and coolin' in this luxurious condo.

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Done partying in Punta Mita in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game? Why not take a real vacation to Punta Mita and stay in this massive 12-bedroom villa, the same one Kylie Jenner stayed in this August to celebrate her 18th birthday?

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In a perfect world, after winning the Royal Raceway race on Princess Peach's home turf in Mario Kart 8, you'd get to stay in the princess' mansion. This luxury wine estate in Montagnac, France, is luxurious enough for a princess -- just try not to destroy the grass with your crazy racing friends.

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The house you built in Minecraft has nothing on this beautiful villa in Lefkara, Cyprus. Like your Minecraft house, the villa has been crafted from stone, but unlike your house, it has a private spa with jacuzzi and steam bath so you can relax while staying safe from the monsters that lurk in the night.

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This three-bedroom farmhouse boasts a massive hedge maze that will let you imagine you're Pac-Man, in beautiful New Zealand. Hopefully you can avoid running into any ghosts haunting the place.

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Looking to play a little Tetris after you hit the ski slopes? This cubular six-bedroom ski house in Alta, Utah, has a stunning blocky design reminiscent of a good old fashioned game of Tetris. Plus, it has ski resort access so you can cool off during the day, and an eight-person jacuzzi so you and your friends can keep warm at night.

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