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Given the Amazon Echo's popularity, I suppose it makes sense that we'd see copycats. At CES 2017, we saw a lot of them. For this collection, I'm not counting anything that actually uses Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and I'm only counting devices shown off at CES -- so that doesn't include the Google Home.

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Amazon's always-listening Echo speaker holds its Alexa voice assistant that responds to your commands, answers your questions and controls your home. (So does its Dot speaker; the Tap has to be tapped to respond.) The Rokid Pebble is an always-listening speaker with a voice assistant that responds to your commands, answers questions and controls your home. I'd call the devices similar.

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Rokid showed two devices at CES 2017: the Pebble and the Alien. Both use the digital assistant Melody. Rokid's products will try to stand out by being particularly good at managing multiple calendars. The Alien also has a screen to display info.

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If any company had the clout and the search history to take on Google and Amazon in the voice assistant race, it'd be Chinese search giant Baidu. The company's Little Fish speaker also has a camera for video calls and will try to be more conversational when responding to your commands.

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WooHoo doesn't just want to be your new Amazon Echo -- it wants to do everything for you. With facial recognition, a cam, a touch screen and smart-home hub functionality, SmartBeings WooHoo brings a lot of extras to the voice assistant role. Now, we'll just need to see if it can master any of those many roles.

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An accessory to the Nvidia Shield TV streamer, the Nvidia Spot listens for your voice commands and uses Google Assistant to respond to them. In addition to the usual tricks, the Spot offers extra control over your TV through Shield.

Caption by / Photo by James Martin/CNET

The Mykie's like a kitchen-specific Amazon Echo; you can ask it for recipe assistance. For the tricky steps, the Mykie can even project a video on your wall showing you how it's done.

Caption by / Photo by Chris Monroe/CNET

Another voice assistant speaker for the kitchen, the Hello Egg also projects videos to help you cook.

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Like an Echo for kids, the iBaby Yobi responds to your questions, monitors air quality and plays music.

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Finally, we also saw Alexa's influence in very different devices. The Kuri, for instance, roams your halls looking for trouble with its built-in security cam. It also has always-listening microphones and responds to voice commands.

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