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Elvis Presley's 1912 baby grand piano: $375,190

Elvis Presley's Wm. Knabe & Co. baby grand piano was among many famed instruments sold on eBay in 2017. It was reacquired for $375,190 by Graceland, Presley's former mansion that's now a tourist destination.

The sale wasn't nearly as big as anticipated, with experts estimating the piano's value between $2.5 million and $5 million, according to eBay.

A part of the proceeds from the piano will benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides hearing aids to children.

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Kurt Cobain’s Hagstrom guitar: $75,000

A 1958-1960 Hagstrom Blue Sparkle Deluxe guitar from Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain's personal collection sold at auction on eBay for $75,000. 

It was sold by Nathan Fasold, owner of Black Book Guitars in Portland, Oregon, who gave part of the proceeds to Portland's Transitions Projects, which helps homeless people find housing.

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Ryan Adams' acoustic guitar and signed original lyrics: $63,200

Singer Ryan Adams donated his Harmony Buck Owens acoustic guitar and autographed original lyrics for his Grammy-nominated song "Gimme Something Good" for an eBay for Charity auction.

There were 111 bidders for the listing, which brought in $63,200. All proceeds went to the American Civil Liberties Union.

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All-Star Comics No. 8: $936,223

Three years ago, Pristine Comics owner Darren Adams sold Action Comics No. 1 on eBay for $3.2 million, hitting a record on the site for a single comic book sale. He followed that up by selling the most expensive comic on eBay this year, though it wasn't a record.

He sold three of the rarest Wonder Woman comics, all in superb condition. The biggest sale came from All-Star Comics No. 8 -- where Wonder Woman made her comics debut in 1941 -- at $936,223.

As part of the collection, Sensation Comics No. 1 sold for nearly $400,000 and Wonder Woman No. 1 hit over $226,000, making the total sale reach over $1.5 million, according to

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Topps 1952 Willie Mays trading card: $234,201.86

Topps featured baseball legend Willie Mays on one of its trading cards for the first time in 1952. Decades later, Mays cards have become some of the most in-demand trading cards for collectors.

The card that sold garnered a mint condition rating of 9 from the Professional Sports Authenticator company, and it became the top-selling trading card on eBay this year.

This image shows a similar Mays card, but it's not the same grade.

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Peter Max's "Liberty": $38,500

This original canvas painting by pop artist Peter Max, who created art for US presidents and major sporting events, was the highest seller in the art category, bringing in $38,500.

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Power Lunch with Warren Buffett: $2.68 million

Yet again, the biggest single sale of the year came from Warren Buffett's Power Lunch annual charity auction. The final price of $2.68 million was below last year's $3.46 million, which tied a record.

This year's winner remained anonymous and got a chance to dine with Buffett at New York's Smith & Wollensky steakhouse.

Since the auction started in 2003, it's raised over $25 million for the nonprofit Glide, which offers support for the poor and homeless.

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2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith two-door coupe: $274,888

There were plenty of top-selling luxury listings for the ultrarich, including this used Rolls-Royce. Sold by Scottsdale Motor Group in Arizona, the car had an original sticker price of $350,000 but sold for the low price of $274,888. It had 4,600 miles on it. 

That price was well below the cost of last year's top-selling car, a rare, bright green Lamborghini that went for $659,800.

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Sparton Nocturne 1934 Art Deco radio: $95,001

This vintage blue-glass Art Deco radio is one of the most coveted by both radio and Art Deco collectors. The seller even claims in the listing that Barbra Streisand owns two of them, though CNET couldn't independently confirm that. 

Its rarity and apparent celebrity cache helped this radio become the top seller in the home and garden category, hitting $95,001.

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Rolex platinum watch: $185,650

The men's Rolex model 18956 is diamond-encrusted, built with platinum and even tells you what time it is. One of these timepieces became the biggest seller on eBay in 2017, raking in $185,650. This image is of a model similar to the one that sold.

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Hermes Birkin crocodile handbag: $88,000

A new emerald-green, crocodile-skin Hermes was the leading seller in the handbag category, selling for more than two Tesla Model 3 cars at $88,000.

This picture is of a similar bag.

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6.55-carat diamond earrings: $103,000

The priciest jewelry sold in 2017 was a pair of 6.55 carat diamond earrings that went for $103,000. The ones pictured here are similar.

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Caterpillar 926M wheel loader: $137,500

OK, that's enough luxury goods. How about we end with this loader? 

A 2016 model of the Cat 926M sold for $137,500, making it the top seller in the business and industrial category. A 2012 model is shown here.

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