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Tower of power

Dyson is following up last year's bladeless desktop fan, the AM01, with two taller models: a tower and pedestal fan.

The new tower fan, the AM02, stands 1 metre tall, but is only 19cm wide. Like the first Air Multiplier, the new models have an impeller in the base that sucks air in and pushes it through a thin gap, or annulus, around the fan's circumference.

To learn more about how the Dyson bladeless fan works, watch

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Stay tuned

Both the tower fan (above) and pedestal fan will be available later in the year. Pricing and delivery dates have yet to be released.

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Put it on a pedestal

The pedestal fan, dubbed AM03, can be moved up and down. So, depending on your preference, the AM03 stands between 1.2m and 1.4m tall.

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Suck it up

Last year's AM01 desktop fan had a 40W brushless motor, the new taller models will feature a 65W motor. The new models can have their speed and oscillation adjusted on the unit itself or via a remote.

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