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A watertight seal

BARCELONA, Spain--DryWired, a new startup based in Los Angeles, says its new nano coating can give both smartphones and tablets the ability to withstand being dropped in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

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No soggy Note II here

As part of its demo, DryWired showcased how a specially treated Samsung Galaxy Note II can stand up to a soaking.

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An uncanny amount of water

DryWired exposed this iPhone, and other devices, to an unbelievable amount of liquid. These electronics were placed in an aquarium and constantly splashed with water to drive home the point of water resistance.

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A seriously protected iPhone

This iPhone in the DryWired stand at MWC 2013 could take a dunking and keep on ticking.

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A napkin that never gets wet

Another interesting demonstration DryWired had in store was a nano-treated napkin. No matter how much water it sat in, it never became water logged.

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