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The hardware: Dish DuoDVR SlingLoaded ViP922

The remote

Improved EPG

Fully loaded

Customize your program listings

Built by EchoStar, the Dish DuoDVR SlingLoaded ViP922 is a lot like earlier Dish Network DVRs such as the ViP622 or ViP722--but it's also got a built-in Slingbox that can transmit its programming to other PCs or smartphones, either within the home or anywhere in the world where you can access a broadband Internet connection.
Caption by / Photo by Dish Network
The remote includes a laptop-style trackpad, offering an on-screen cursor and eliminating "half the buttons of a standard remote control," according to Dish.
Caption by / Photo by Dish Network
The onscreen cursor is shown here highlighting one movie whose summary is then listed onscreen.
Caption by / Photo by Dish Network
This menu screen--with options for live and recorded TV, Internet-delivered video-on-demand, and weather and sports widgets hints at the panoply of options available on the ViP922.
Caption by / Photo by Dish Network
The ViP922 allows viewers to organize channels in numerical or alphabetical order.
Caption by / Photo by Dish Network
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