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Philips 100W Equivalent LED

The Philips 100W Equivalent LED is a bulb designed to brighten up just about any environment. Click through for a closer look.

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Lighting specs

Philips' bulb glows at a warm, yellowy, 2,700 K, putting out a stated 1,680 lumens from a power draw of 19 watts.



Those specs give it an efficiency rating of 88 lumens per watt -- very good, but not quite the best in its class.

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The bulb features a unique design that splpits the bulb into three sections to help manage heat build up. In spite of this design, the bulb is perfectly omnidirectional, casting light evenly in all directions.

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The Philips LED doesn't flicker one bit when the light is dimmed down.

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Price point

You can find the Philips 100W Equivalent LED for about $22 at Home Depot. Make sure and read our full review to help decide if it's the right light for you.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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