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Home-cooked game gadget

Deep-fried tablet

Making a meal of a MacBook

iPod dining

One greasy iPhone

Hungry for gadgets?

The sound of grease

Open wide! Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves has captured our insatiable hunger for new technology with a series of startling images of deep-fried electronics. What looks like a Nintendo Game Boy looks appears less than appetizing on this slightly nauseating plate.
Caption by / Photo by Henry Hargreaves

Deep-fried tablet, anyone? No word on whether this sauteed touch-screen works with greasy fingers.

Hargreaves says he drew inspiration for the series from gadget-hungry Japan.

"I found a video of some Japanese kids trying to deep-fry a PSP and eat it; it didn't work and they made a mess of it, but I loved the idea and thought it could be expanded and photographed in a beautiful way," he tells Crave. "Also, I see similarities between tech culture and fast food. Quickly devoured and then discarded."

Caption by / Photo by Henry Hargreaves

This MacBook mockup doesn't look good enough to eat, and here you can tell that Hargreaves made his hardware meals out of foam core models.

"I'm not rich enough to buy and destroy the electronics," Hargreaves says, "nor did I want to find out what happens to a lithium battery when it goes in 400 F oil, so I recreated each product from foam core and we went to town on them! I just hope there is something that puts a smile on the viewers' faces."

Caption by / Photo by Henry Hargreaves
What would you put on your iPod if you had to dine on it?
Caption by / Photo by Henry Hargreaves
Care to sink your teeth into this fried pseudo-iPhone?
Caption by / Photo by Henry Hargreaves
Whatever this was, it'll give you indigestion.
Caption by / Photo by Henry Hargreaves
Stick these in your ears and you'll hear the sound of fat.
Caption by / Photo by Henry Hargreaves
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