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Asus Transformer Prime TF201

Apple iPad (2012)

Amazon Kindle

Toshiba Thrive

Amazon Kindle Touch

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Nook Simple Touch

The Transformer Prime TF201 is currenly the ultimate Android tablet power in the universe. With expadable storage, a super bright screen, CPU throttling options, and the $150 keyboard dock, the Prime is the most powerful and one of the most versitile Android tablets available.
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Once you get a look at its 2048x1536 resolution screen, the feeling of disappointment and sadness will be difficult to avoid when picking up any other tablet. Just as fast as the iPad 2 -- and even faster in games --with access to the best apps available anywhere, the new version of the iPad easily earns its premium price.
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Think owning an iPad means they don't need a Kindle? Wrong. The featherweight Kindle is great for distraction-free reading, and -- unlike that beefy iPad -- it won't cause wrist fatigue during long sessions of content consumption.
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For the dad that doesn't like to compromise. The Thrive is the only tablet that includes full HDMI, full USB, a full-size SD card slot, and a removable battery.
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If Dad's an audiobook fan, the Kindle Touch is your best (and only) choice in the sub-$100 e-book reader range. And if he's not, it's still a great all-around touch-screen e-book reader.
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The only tablet to rival the new iPad's screen beauty, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7's AMOLED screen delivers stark contrast ratios with the deepest blacks this side of a singularity. Give dad the gift of style with this thin, sexy, and fast full Android tablet.
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Don't get stuck handling tech support for Dad. With the Nook Simple Touch, the staff of his local Barnes & Noble store is available to answer his questions instead -- a win/win for you and him.
Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET
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