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You didn't bust your way through the doors of your local shopping mall on the day after Thanksgiving. Good for you. Smart move, as there are many great deals, and a lot less stress, to be found online in the week after Black Friday.

There are fewer door-buster bargains, but that's for the better, as we can avoid a lot of the low-level junk that makes up much of the lowest-price specials. And while we really should retire the awkwardly retro Cyber Monday name, it's a great time to find decent deals on mainstream laptops, tablets, desktops, and hybrids.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ($699 at eBay)

The entry level version of this upscale hybrid will be offered by eBay for $100 less than this configuration normally costs online, according to a leaked screenshot. Deals from eBay will start at 9pm PT on November 30.

$779.00 at Amazon
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Dell Inspiron 15 3000 ($399 from

Many basic 15-inch laptops for sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday should be avoided, stuffing an underpowered Pentium, Atom, or Celeron chip into a midsize chassis, where it will feel especially sluggish. This model, spotted on a leaked flyer, includes an Intel Core i3 CPU, plus a 500GB hard drive. We'd typically expect to pay around $500 for that. Check Dell's site for the latest offers.

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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 ($579 at

A nice set of upgrades makes this a much more viable all day, every day computer than the 3000-series that's also on sale. Here, you get a Core i5 CPU, as we'd expect in this price range, but also 8GB of RAM and a big 1TB hard drive. Dell says this configuration is normally $850. Check Dell's site for the latest offers.

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Asus X205 ($149 at Staples)

This was a $99 in-store Black Friday deal at Staples. If you missed out on that, it'll be a still-reasonable $149 online on Cyber Monday. Don't expect too much, this is similar to the $199 HP Stream we just reviewed, but it should work for Chromebook-level tasks.

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Origin PC gaming systems (Amazon gift card and free shipping)

High-end gaming PCs from boutique companies such as Origin PC don't offer huge Black Friday or Cyber Monday price cuts, but you can get some decent extras right now, including up to a $100 Amazon gift card, free shipping, and a handful of free game download offers.

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More to come

We'll keep this list updated with new computer deals, so check back, or add any you find in the comments section below.

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