There is such a thing as too much multitasking, but we understand the urge to make the most out of your gadgets. Listening to music and taking calls while working out is just one of many possible combinations. For that, you need a music phone and an active-style headset with an inline mic and a secure fit.
The $30 Coosh Headset fulfills that last requirement nicely, although it's neither the most comfortable nor the best-sounding set of earphones we've come across. Still, it gets the job done at a fair price.
The Coosh Headset offers a unique design that allows for a secure fit during most activities (we don't recommend swimming with them, though). Attached to the two standard, plastic earbuds are two rubbery loops that fasten around the outer ear. The loops are not adjustable, but the flexible, sticky coating makes it easy to achieve a secure fit.
The loops are also extremely lightweight, which no doubt helps them stay in place. However, the earbuds themselves aren't terribly comfortable after about an hour of wear.
Descending from the Coosh Headset's earbuds is a thin, gray cable measuring 42 inches. About 4 inches from the right earpiece is an inline mic and call-answer button.
Further down at the Y, you'll find a slider to help prevent wire tangles when the headset is not in use. The cable terminates in a triple-banded L-plug, which is either 3.5mm (for the iPhone model) or 2.5mm (for the other music phone model).
Performance from the Coosh Headset is adequate, but far from terrific. Audio is clear, with no background hiss or distortion, but the highs tend to roll off and there's not much detail in the music. Mids sound reasonable, but aren't particularly warm, and bass is pretty much absent--not a surprise with this style of earbud.


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