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3 Squares Tim3 Machin3

Anova Precision Cooker

Bonavita 1900TS


iDevices iGrill Mini


Pure Imagination Perfect Drink

Piper NV

This multifunction counter-top cooking device primarily works as a rice cooker, but it can also make yogurt, quinoa, oatmeal and function as a slow cooker.

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Set a steak to slow cook while you study, no oven or grill necessary. All you need is a pot, some water, and some Ziplock bags (and maybe a blowtorch, though I'd have to believe the RAs would frown at that).

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You're going to need some coffee to stay awake through that 8:00 AM econ lecture, and it might as well taste good.

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The battery on this wireless security camera will last for months, and built-in security features let if double as a low-cost dormroom watch dog.

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The Bluetooth-powered iGrill Mini is a truly compact cooking thermometer that lets you keep an eye on cooking temps from your phone. It also costs a mere $40.

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Color-changing lights are perfect for game day and for spotaneous Saturday night dorm room dance parties. Lifx is an especially good pick because unlike Philips Hue, you don't need to connect it directly to a router, which isn't usually an option in your average dorm.

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Forget cheap beer and kegs. Class up back-to-school parties with a few cocktails. This app and app-enabled scale provide instructions for hundreds of different drinks.

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For a higher-end security camera/sensor option, the night vision-equipped PiperNV is one of the more robust options available.

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