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The classically handsome Ian Morris isn't the only dreamboat residing at CNET UK towers -- not since we challenged our podcast listeners to name one a gadget that would feature prominently on their ideal fantasy boat and stick it on our Facebook wall.

We were delighted with the level of response (so we're not the only ones who fantasise about the perfect yacht...) and so, since there's not much else going on because we love our fans so much, we've decided to honour our favourite submissions in this spectacular photo gallery.

Among the glorious mess of submissions were gems such as Samuel Gibbs' ideal boat (seen above, lovingly drawn by reader Timothy Jeffcoat) which runs on energy generated from the sun, wind and water. This might seem like the conservationist's boat of choice, but in fact it's completely covered in environmentally unfriendly death rays. We'd like to see a Greenpeace tanker keep pace with this watery death machine.

Or howsabout Dominic Walliman's Carl Sagan-voiced rocket-boat, which solves crimes through tactical use of massive jumps? Anti-shark technology? Underwater glass offices? They're all here, realised in the 21st century marvel that is Microsoft Paint.

If you fancy reading through more submissions, or if you think you know better, head on over to our Facebook wall and get commenting, liking, and generally making a great big mess even though we just finished tidying you darned kids!

Michael Gomes and his brother wanted a study made entirely of glass underneath the boat itself. A big comfy sofa, a pair of binoculars (for fish watching, duh) and a sweet audio system are among the requirements.
Heavens above -- what has science done?! Samuel Gibbs is responsible for this aquatic monstrosity, rendered in glorious technology by the super-helpful Timothy Jeffcoat.
Timothy Jeffcoat springs into action once more to provide us with an illustration of Tom Walter's glass-over mechanism for walking on water. Scientifically implausible? Sounds like a challenge to us!
Timothy Jeffcoat turns his hand to his own perfect seafaring vehicle, which features an ultra-light kite that acts as a sail and solar panel.
Finally, the irrepressible Dominic Walliman submits his own dream boat. This bad boy features flashing lights and the voice of Carl Sagan, not to mention a boost button that can be used to jump over stuff for no reason.


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