Any regular listeners to the CNET UK Podcast (and if that's not you, what are you doing with your life?!) will know and fear MegaTimer -- the evil blue countdown machine who regulates the timing of the show with an iron fist.

On last week's podcast we provided you with a photo of the MegaTimer, and challenged you to stretch your Photoshop muscles by imposing its menacing visage into a scene entirely of your choosing. 

Your Photoshopping efforts blew us away, and made us giggle so hard we snorted milk out our noses and all over our monitors, causing them to break. We didn't even mind. That's how happy we were. We've put together a photo story of our favourite entries -- flick through them by clicking the image above and prepare to be amazed.

That first Dali-inspired image above is courtesy of the inimitable Marc Crane. Crazy props though, to Doug Rattray, who won the prize with his inspired Big Ben 'shoppery. Thanks to everyone who entered: your efforts kept us snorting with hilarity right through the week. We love you guys.

When MegaTimer isn't hacking into the Interweb and deleting adorable LOLcats, or flirting with the office fax machine, he's surfing the CNET UK Facebook page and marvelling angrily at how disgusting us fleshy human meatbags really are. You can also find him getting his circuits in a malevolent twist on Twitter.

This is the original shot we gave you to work with.
Timothy Jeffcoat imagines a MegaTimer-based Countdown. Excellent use of Rory in this image.
MegaTimer merges with the second most evil machine in robot history. Thanks, Nathan Jones.
Oh MegaTimer... Thanks to Paul Wright for this scandalous image.
Paul Wright proves that even Kitt is vulnerable to the MegaTimer's evil influence.
Another incredible entry from Marc Crane -- anyone who's played Portal will recognise this loveable cube.
Another entry from Nathan Jones shows his rival timer taking the MegaTimer apart, Breakout-style. Not likely buddy, but we love the 'shop!
The team escape from a giant MegaTimer in Big Traks. Special mention for Jon Evans for tracking down our actual office on Street View!
Paul Wright offered up the following caption for this entry: "Once again Han realises that he forgot to start the MegaTimer. Hilarity prevails."
Doug Rattray, there are no words for what you have created. You have doomed us all, you glorious maniac.
Thanks for this entry, Ian Rendell! Though if the MegaTimer was recording a message for Obi-Wan, there's no way the transmission would be garbled.
Doug Rattray keeps the hits coming -- this entry tickled the pun-centre of our brains.
"I know now why you time." Thanks Nathan Jones!
But here's the winner -- Doug Rattray charmed our socks off with this entry. It's simple, effective, thoroughly hilarious and a grim vision of things to come.
One final photo: here's MegaTimer taking pride of place during the recording of the 200th CNET UK Podcast.


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