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Fitbit Flex

I rarely leave home without my Fitbit; it's become a part of my everyday the way shoes are. It's brought my activity level into my awareness, and keeps me motivated and moving. And there just isn't anything quite like that buzz you get when you've hit your daily goal.

- Mark Larkin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBS Interactive

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Sony PlayStation Vita

Somewhere along the line I got tired of playing smartphone games and now opt for a more console-like mobile gaming experience with the PS Vita. But more importantly, I use it to pacify the kids on trips. It turns them into zombies and takes the sting out of long plane rides.

- David Carnoy, Executive Editor, CNET

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FiftyThree Pencil

Coming from an illustration background, I'm always eager try out the latest styluses. Pencil from FiftyThree is the only stylus that has ever become a part of my daily tool kit. It has a weighty (solid wood) carpenter style that feels both comfortable in your hand and durable in your pocket. The nib of the pencil captures the feel of various brushes because of its clever design. A hard tip housed in a soft rubber case creates a natural drag effect that mirrors the feeling of pencils, markers and brushes. I love my Pencil and take it with me everywhere I go.

- Marc Mendell, Creative Director and VP of Product Design, CBS Interactive

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Logitech Harmony Home Control

The Harmony Home Control makes using a complicated home theater system simple enough for a 5-year-old. Literally. My 5-year-old can use it to "turn on Neahfalix" and find "Pound Puppies," then turn it off when it's time for dinner. And when she tries to sneak another episode, I can use the app to turn off the TV from across the house.

- David Katzmaier, Section Editor, CNET

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Nintendo 3DS XL

I barely get time to play games anymore. And I'm a serious Nintendo nerd. My son plays the Wii U, but the 3DS is for me. I get my Mario fix on the train, and my extra dose of retro Sega arcade classics at night (Out-Run, I'm talking to you).

- Scott Stein, Senior Editor, CNET

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Roku 3

Roku immediately eased my cable-cutting anxiety. Watching what I want, when I want has me spoiled with no desire to go back. There are other options out there, but I found the Roku 3 to offer the largest variety of content. And it's the most affordable and simplest to use. As for the interaction, the latest interface update greatly improved the browsing experience, and with the free, snappy Roku app, misplacing my controller is a thing of the past. Couch lounging couldn't be easier.

- Sean Enzwiler, Lead UI/UX Designer, CNET

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Amazon Fire TV

As an Amazon Prime member, I bought this streaming media box on whim when it was first released. It sat mostly unused, connected to an old 24-inch monitor, until my 3-year-old son discovered it. Amazon does a great job of pushing his favorite kid shows front and center, the menus are fast and responsive, and the remote is great. I also love that it can stream my entire music library, as I presciently uploaded my huge personal MP3 collection to the Amazon Music Cloud years ago.

- Dan Ackerman, Section Editor, CNET

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Piper home security system

I use my Piper home security camera via my phone everyday. It's really an indispensable tool. With temperature, light, motion, and sound sensors, along with a piercing alarm, Piper allows me to make sure everything is safe and sound at home when we're away. It's a Z-Wave transmitter too, so I can even turn lights on and off and monitor when doors are opened and closed.

When I'm not home and the rest of the family is, it allows me to check in on them, see what the kids are doing, and even talk with them using the built in speaker and microphone.

- James Martin, Senior Photographer, CBS Interactive

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