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Smartbooks -- uber-phones and anorexic netbooks packing the speedy 1GHz, low-power Snapdragon processor -- are finally starting to get as freaky as we hoped they would.

Our favourite is the Cmotech Mangrove giganto-phone. Is the enormous HTC HD2 just too small for your smart phone needs? The Mangrove makes the HD2 look like an HTC Touch. That's an HD2 on the right in the photo above, looking teeny despite its 109mm (4.3-inch) screen.

To be fair, the Mangrove is trying to be a Web tablet like the Archos 5, which runs Android. But take a look at this thing and it's clearly a big giant mega-phone -- look ma, no voicemails! Holding the thing up to your face, however, just leads to laughs -- trusts us, we tried it.

The Mangrove is most likely a reference design we'll never see on shop shelves under that name. But if it did, we could enjoy its 178mm (7-inch) touchscreen, Wi-Fi and two USB ports.

Click 'Continue' to see another angle on the Mangrove and what Windows Mobile 6.5 looks like when grotesquely enlarged.

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The Mangrove tablet works in portrait or landscape orientation, and either way you can see the hugeness of Windows Mobile 6.5 on a 7-inch screen.

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