Meet the Orbnext

The Orbnext, from Advanced Lumonics Labs, is a follow up to the color-changing Ambient Orb from the early 2000s. Click through for a look at what this Orb... err, cube is capable of.

Photo by: Advanced Lumonics Labs

Color-coded desktop data

The Orbnext is a three-inch cube that draws power over a mini-USB connection. You'll connect the Orbnext to your home Wi-Fi network using a free Android or iOS app, then customize the color to change according to specific triggers.

Photo by: Advanced Lumonics Labs

Feeling bullish?

Like the original Ambient Orb, the Orbnext has a dedicated mode for tracking your portfolio. Green means stocks are up, while red means stocks are down. The Orbnext claims it'll update every five seconds.

Photo by: Advanced Lumonics Labs

IFTTT compatibility

Advanced Lumonics is promising IFTTT compatibility for the Orbnext, which would open it up to a huge number of potential triggers, including Facebook notifications, Twitter updates, and iOS and Android device alerts.

Photo by: Advanced Lumonics Labs

Interior hardware

The Orbnext runs off of the Electric Imp platform, along with ten multicolor Cree LEDs.

Photo by: Advanced Lumonics Labs

Retrofit kit

Owners of the original Ambient Orb can purchase a retrofit kit to install the upgraded Orbnext hardware into their device.

Photo by: Advanced Lumonics Labs

Available on Kickstarter

The Orbnext is slated to go on sale later this summer, but you can currently head to Kickstarter to reserve one for yourself at a price of $99.

For a closer look at the Orbnext, be sure and check out our first take, and stay tuned for a full review in the months to come.

Photo by: Advanced Lumonics Labs


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