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iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep

iSmartAlarm's fee-free system is an attractive, low-cost option for monitor-it-yourself security. For 2015, there's a newly upgraded camera for the system -- click through to see what it's capable of.

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A significant upgrade

Compared with the existing iCamera, the iCamera Keep is a much better device. For starters, you'll now get HD resolution at 720p, along with built-in motion and sound sensors.

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A standalone accessory

The iCamera Keep will integrate into existing systems -- or you can use it on its own as a standalone device, like Dropcam Pro or the Belkin NetCam HD.

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System integration

If you're using iSmartAlarm as part of a larger setup, you'll be able to connect it with the existing CubeOne hub accessory, and use those motion and sound sensors to trigger the alarm. You'll also be able to monitor your feed alongside your other iSmartAlarm devices, including the new Smart Switches seen here.

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Night vision

Unlike the existing iCamera, the iCamera Keep will also offer night vision capabilities.

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Cloud storage, too

iSmartAlarm tells us that they'll also be offering options for cloud storage, though they're still working out the pricing. A USB jack in the back will allow for local storage of video clips, but that functionality isn't ready yet either. In fact, as of right now, you can only use the camera for live monitoring -- you can't record with it yet, or set it to record a clip automatically when the alarm goes off.

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Easy setup

We were happy with the way the iCamera Keep worked when we tested it out. Setup was simple, and the video feed was quite smooth, with minimal lag even when watching over LTE.

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The iCamera Keep is available online at the iSmartAlarm website for $150 (converted roughly, that's about £100 in the UK, or AU$190 in Australia). You can also find it at Walmart, Fry's, Amazon, and the Apple Store. Be sure to read our full review to help you decide if it's worth your money.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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