CES 2020: All the sex tech on display

Sex tech is out in the open at CES for the first time, but many of these products were already hiding in plain sight.

Mark Serrels, Caitlin Petrakovitz
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Sex tech at CES 2020

Sex tech is expected to be front and center at CES 2020

But it's an interesting one. Sex tech has always been at CES, just hidden in plain sight. Interestingly, now that sex tech is here in an official capacity, many of the devices on display are either already available or were revealed last year. 

Still, there's a lot to see. And a lot to get excited about. Here's some of the stuff we know about so far. We'll be updating this gallery over the next few days. 

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Lora DiCarlo

Startup Lora DiCarlo caused shockwaves at CES in 2019 after having an innovation award for a device that produces an orgasm in women rescinded and then re-awarded. That controversy is the main reason sex tech is officially on full display at CES this year

Lora DiCarlo is back in 2020, with two brand new devices: the Baci (top in pink), a "microrobotic pleasure device that simulates the feel and motion of the human lips and tongue," and the Onda, a device designed to replicate the motion of human fingers, have both appeared at the show alongside the Osé

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Crave is a company focused on taking "pleasure out of the shadows". What does that mean? Well its Vesper Vibrator Necklace can be worn, out in the open, literally around your neck. It's a stainless steel USB rechargeable. According to Crave's "pleasure manifesto" the term guilty pleasure is an oxymoron. Amen.

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Vesper Touch and Tease rings

The newest Crave products debuted new ring prototypes. Both are the same circumference as the Vesper necklace, and about half the size. Crave is planning to release more details soon and say they're aiming for a summer launch for the rings.  

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A big topic at CES focuses on how sex tech companies are handling the data they accumulate. Particularly when those devices are connected to some sort of phone app. This year Satisfyer is showing off Satisfyer Connect, an app that allows users to create patterns of vibrations and use the device remotely with a long distance partner.

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YO Sperm Test

Getting a sperm test is a pretty weird experience. You get a Doctor's appointment, then a referral to some sort of clinic, then you have to head in and masturbate in a strange room, then hand a sample to someone you've never met before. 

The YO home sperm test hopes to eliminate that weirdness. It comes with an analysis kit and an app that allows you to receive automatic results on your phone.

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Wait almost forgot...

YO sperm test will send you a literal video of your sperm, moving around. Awesome!

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The MysteryVibe made waves in 2018 when it beat out the Apple Watch at the 2018 Design Week awards

Its flagship product is the Crescendo (pictured in hand), a malleable, first-of-its-kind vibrator that can be bent to suit any shape.

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The Lioness is a vibrator that tracks data to improve orgasms. It literally uses the data of over 30,000 recorded orgasms in an attempt to deliver a customized user experience. It also tracks your sessions and provides tips based on your previous experiences. 

The Lioness Generation 2 will be at CES this year and promises more features based on a broader set of data.

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Outside of Lora DiCarlo, OhMiBod probably has the biggest presence at CES of all the sex tech companies. That makes sense, since OhMiBod has been around for decades and has been exhibiting low-key  at CES for years, hiding in plain sight

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The Womanizer

The Womanizer, one of the most innovative pieces of sex tech around, also has a presence at CES. Read our feature story on the German inventor behind the product here

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Pulse is a company that creates and dispenses lubricants tailored to its users' specific needs. It's showing off its latest wares at CES this year. 

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Many of the sex tech products at CES are focused on pleasure, but Morari has developed a device that, in a sense, helps men withhold pleasure.

Morari has arrived at CES with a device that Gizmodo describes as "a taint Band-Aid." It uses neuromodulation in an attempt to help solve the issue of premature ejaculation. 

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Sex tech @CNET

While much has been made about sex tech officially being a part of the show floor this year, it's not for lack of innovation. Check out our CES panel with Janet Lieberman-Lu, CTO of Dame Products, and Lora Haddock-DiCarlo, CEO of Lora DiCarlo

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